Legal Protection For Workers Who Have A Minimum Wage Suspension By Employers

  • Ferina Yola Damayanti Universitas Pembangunan Nasional "Veteran" Jawa Timur
Keywords: Keywords: Legal Protection, Workers, Suspension of Wages


The aims of this current research are to find the congruence of the minimum suspension wage conducted by entrepreneurs with the Decree of the Minister of Manpower and Transmigration Number: KEP.231/MEN/2003 and to understand law protection for the worker who has many experience suspension of the minimum wage by the entrepreneur. In this study using the normative juridical method which does not recognize research down the field, because the research conducted is sourced from legal materials such as legislation, government regulations, ministerial decrees, books, journals and legal dictionaries.The conclusion that can be drawn from the results of this study is that the minimum wage deferment rules by employers which are carried out many times are permissible, because in the rules there are no clauses regarding the suspension restrictions,but in reality the employer does not carry out this based on applicable regulations. Unspecified restrictions on the suspension of minimum wages result in losses to workers' normative rights.