Implementation of Electronic Mortgage Rights (HT-el) at the Surabaya Land Office 1 : PELAKSANAAN HAK TANGGUNGAN SECARA ELEKTRONIK (HT-el) DI KANTOR PERTANAHAN SURABAYA I

  • Faizah Martha Piescesa Mahasiswa
Keywords: Mortgage Rights, Electronic Mortgage Rights (HT-el), Land Office


This study aims to determine and analyze the implementation of mortgage rights electronically at the Surabaya Land Office 1 and determine the inhibiting factors that occur in the implementation of mortgage rights electronically at the Surabaya Land Office 1. This type of research is empirical research with data collection techniques carried out by field research by looking at and observe what is happening on the ground, the application of these regulations in practice in the community. Analysis of the data used is a qualitative approach to primary data and secondary data. The results of this study can be concluded that the implementation of electronic mortgage rights at the Surabaya Land Office 1 in implementing the land rights registration service system there are two ways, namely manual registration by visiting the land office and electronic registration without going to the land office carried out by three parties ( PPAT, BANK, and BPN) each of which has their respective duties, roles and functions. An electronic service system is an alternative to simplify and speed up the time of issuance of a mortgage certificate which previously could have taken months to complete with an electronic service system that only took seven working days. Even so, the implementation of electronic tagging rights has not been carried out effectively, there are still several factors that hinder the process of implementing the electronic service system that occurs, both in terms of the parties (PPAT, BANK, BPN) involved as well as factors outside the stakeholder's side. Thus, with the obstacles that occur there are also efforts to overcome the obstacles that become a solution in reducing these obstacles, it is expected that the parties must be better prepared in carrying out and operating the electronic system services recently published by the agrarian minister.