Juridical Study Of Women As Pepretators Of Criminal Acts Of Terrorism

  • Julia Wulandari Criminal Law
Keywords: Terrorism, Perpetrators, Women, Reasons, Sanctions


The issue of terrorism has now become a global phenomenon because of the impact it causes. The new mode of acts of terrorism makes women as perpetrators who in the previous perspective are considered more passively placed as subjects or executors and even become the main actors of acts of terrorism. The main issues that the authors discuss are what are the reasons for women as perpetrators and what forms of sanctions are given to women as perpetrators of criminal acts of terrorism. The research method used by the author is juridical-normative, doctrinal legal research conducted, or aimed at written regulations or other legal materials with notes in order to find answers by analyzing or comparing one with another. Based on the results of this study, the reasons for women as terrorism offenders are due to various factors such as environmental factors, social conditions, economic conditions, feelings left behind, psychological factors, social media exposure, gender mainstreaming, and ideological misunderstandings. Whereas the form of sanctions given to women as perpetrators of criminal acts of terrorism is the same as sanctions given to male perpetrators. The only difference is the role or qualifications taken in carrying out these acts of terrorism. As a group that is obliged to obtain guarantees of human rights, women are therefore obliged by the state to guarantee the rights of women suspects without ignoring legal norms and the rights of suspects.