Criminal Liability For Dissociative Identity Disorder That Doing Crime Of Murder

  • Nadiya Umiyatul Bilqist Alumni
Keywords: Criminal Liability, Dissociative Identity Disorder, Murder


In this thesis aims to determine the criminal liability against sufferers of dissociative idenity disorder who commit the crime of murder. This study uses normative juridical methods, namely research conducted by examining library materials or secondary data consisting of primary legal materials, secondary legal materials, and tertiary legal materials. Sources of data obtained from literature books, existing research and applicable legislation. The results of the study concluded that a person with dissociative identity disorder could be a convicted of a criminal act of murder committed because he had fulfilled the element of criminal liability. The form of criminal liability is to apply the concept of accountability in strict liability so that the perpetrators can be sentenced to imprisonment in accordance with threat in artitcle 338 of the Criminal Code governing murder.

Keywords: Criminal Liability, Dissociative Identity Disorder, Murder