Juridical Review of the Exonaration Clause on Lion Air Airlines Terms & Conditions According to Law Number 8 of 1999 Concerning Consumer Protection.

  • Nabilah Luthfiyah Chusnida Alumni
Keywords: Exoneration Clause, Terms and Conditions, air transportation


To protect consumers the government have passed Consumer Protection Law no 8 of 1999 which in article 18 provide about prohibition on inclusion of exoneration clause by Vendors in every document and or agreement that contained one, the Primary Subject that writer research about how the exoneration clause substance that created by Airlines in Terms and Conditions that enacted are already fulfilled the requirement dictated by Consumer Protection Law, also when and how the consumer could solve a dispute should it arise. The Research Method used by the writer are Jurisdicial Normative , a research that based on source in form of Law and Regulation that still in effect, Court decisions, Scientific Journal or even article and Theories. Analysis on Exoneration clause in Airlines Terms and Conditions using the data from The Terms and Condition it self , also Consumer Protection laws , before subsequently explained by the writer take on the subject, the result of this research could be seen through law consequences received by consumers because the existence of exoneration law on Terms and Conditions and the Legal Effort for Consumer that have been done by Arlines in the allocation of compesation
Keywords : Exoneration Clause, Terms and Conditions, air transportation