Enforcement of Criminal Law for Motor Vehicle Drivers that because Their Failure results a TRaffic Accident

  • imam mahmuditya sutrisno student
Keywords: Law Enforcemnt, Traffic Accident


In general, law enforcement is a process of endeavoring to ensure the establishment or actual functioning of legal norms as guidelines for behavior. In traffic accidents, the main cause is negligence by motorized motorists causing losses. In this case law enforcement in traffic accidents is regulated in articles 310 and 311 of Law No 22 of 2009 concerning Road Traffic and Transportation. The main problem that the author discusses is, regarding the form of negligence committed by motorists causing traffic accidents, as well as law enforcement for motorists who due to negligence results in traffic accidents based on Law No 22 of 2009 concerning Traffic and Road Transportation. The research method that I use is Normative juridical, research based on data sources in the form of applicable laws and regulations, journals or articles and theories and legal concepts and views of leading legal scholars, which aim to be able to find answers by analyzing or comparing between one another. Criminal law enforcement for motorists who due to negligence resulting in traffic accidents is analyzed using the rules that apply at this time. The results of this study can be seen from the form of the driver's negligence and also law enforcement for the rider because of his negligence resulting in a traffic accident.