Legal Consequences Of Blocking The Certificate Of Land Rights (Case Study At Sidoarjo District Land Office)

  • Anindya Prasasya Puteri UPN "VETERAN" JAWA TIMUR
Keywords: Block Certificates, Land Certificates, Land.


Blocking a certificate of land rights carried out by the Land Office or BPN is a form of legal effort to protect the object of land rights by establishing a temporary freeze on land rights to legal actions and legal events on the land. The applicant blocking a certificate of land rights filed a request to block his land object at the Sidoarjo Regency Land Office due to several factors that influence the applicant to block the certificate or in accordance with his legal interests. The purpose of this study is to determine the legal consequences of blocking on land title certificates at the Sidoarjo Regency Land Office and to determine considerations for the Sidoarjo Regency Land Office in accepting and rejecting applications for blocking land certificates. This research uses an empirical juridical approach research method using data collection techniques such as from books, scientific journals, news articles, official documents, legislation, and interviews to solve the problem formulation. Data analysis method used is a qualitative research method of primary and secondary data. The results of the study can be concluded that due to the blocking of certificates of land rights at the Sidoarjo Regency Land Office is not able to take legal actions such as the transfer of rights or the imposition of rights to the object of land that is temporary. In addition, blocking is done as a form of prevention so that certificates of land rights are not abused by parties with bad intentions. Consideration of a request for a certificate block can be accepted on the grounds of a court suit due to a land dispute, an order from the court for investigation in the criminal domain, an illegal act, and a lost land certificate. An application can be rejected due to unclear reasons and the applicant has no legal interest or relationship.