Factors Affecting Increased Traffic Accidents in Yogyakarta

  • Eka Wahyuningrum Student, UDM Fikom Surakarta, Indonesia
  • Eni Setyowati Student, UDM Fikom Surakarta, Indonesia
  • Tri Cahyono Bintang Pramujo Student, UDM Fikom Surakarta, Indonesia
  • Nugroho Arif Sudibyo Lecturer, UDM Fikom Surakarta, Indonesia
Keywords: accidents and traffic



Traffic accidents are one of the most frequent incidents. causing various losses to fall victim, such as in Yogyakarta in 2019 which experienced an increase in accidents compared to the previous year. In 2018 until 2019 there was an increase in accidents as much as 106.32%, 79.79% fatalities, 96.53% minor injuries, 34.78% serious injuries, 0.66% material losses, 0 violations, 04% and a fine of 1793.60%. The number of cases that occur due to various factors such as nature, vehicles with bad conditions, road conditions and what often happens is in terms of human factors underestimate traffic safety regulations such as the use of helmets that are not in accordance with SNI (Indonesian National Standard). As a result of negligence caused losses to other road users. To maintain the safety of fellow road users, they must comply with regulations and implement traffic rules, and increase awareness of the importance of maintaining joint safety when driving from the human aspect to transportation conditions. Law enforcers of traffic regulations have further increased raids for violators of traffic rules, this is one form to minimize the number of accidents and can be done by supervising minors not to drive vehicles and providing education on the importance of maintaining safety while driving.