Role Of Citizens And Entrepreneurship Unemployment Rate In Pressing College Graduates

  • Naomi Nindytasari Student, FikomUDB Surakarta, Indonesia
  • Fajar Utama Sidiq Student, Fikom UDB Surakarta, Indonesia
  • Tri Djoko Santosa Lecturer, Fikom UDB Surakarta, Indonesia
Keywords: citizens, entrepreneurship, unemployment rate


Unemployment is a workforce that has not had the opportunity to work which means it is looking for work and has not got a job. Or there are also unemployed people who do not look for work because they feel it is impossible to get a job. It is known from the data of the Central Statistics Agency (BPS) that the highest unemployment rate is held by university graduates. Many factors cause graduates to find work difficult. These factors such as the lack of suitability possessed by what is sought by the company. In addition, the high expectations for desirable jobs make graduates reluctant to get less classy jobs. The purpose of writing this paper is to find out why university graduates find it difficult to find work and see how business opportunities can actually be obtained by universities in employment. The research method used is the method of studying literature from books, journals, or other print and web media and the interview process. The results of the research and writing activities of this paper are writing, which can later be accepted as self-evaluation material so that graduate graduates can get good jobs.