Liability Of Expedition Companies As A Loss Of Load Items Using Ship (Study At PT. Yun Cargo Indonesia)

  • roudlotun nurush shofaa Universities Pembangunan National "Veteran" Jawa Timur
Keywords: Change Loss , Company Responsibility, Lost Goods


Cases of loss of goods often occur, this makes the sender feel aggrieved, any loss suffered by the owner of the goods is a legal problem, especially the responsibility of the shipping company to the owner of the goods. With the loss of the sender of goods, this resulted in the sender of the goods demanding responsibility for the shipping company that uses the ship. The main issue discussed by the author is, how is the liability of shipping companies due to the loss of cargo goods using ships , whether the compensation provided meets the provisions of the Commercial Law , and what legal remedies can be taken by the sender of the injured goods for the loss goods by shipping companies that use when the sea. The research method that I use is Yuridis Normative, research based on the data source in the form of laws - laws that apply, journals or articles and theories - theories and concepts of law and the views of leading legal scholars, with a note in order to find the answers by analyzing or compare one another. Analysis of the form of the claim for compensation claim in the letter of delivery of the item itself as well as the Commercial Law Code which is then presented by the author's thought power. The results of this study can be seen through the legal consequences received by the sender of the goods due to the existence of a claim for compensation claim contained in the letter of delivery of the goods as well as legal remedies for the sender of the goods carried out by the expedition in providing compensation.